We break down each complex project into smaller sprints and complete each sprint as separately deployable modules. At each stage, customer feedback is taken and accounted for which makes for exceptional progress and happy customers.
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A discovery sprint is a one to two week sprint of product discovery work, designed to tackle the problems or risks in your product’s definition. The type of learning that can change the course of your product or your company. In this phase, we also create user personas, document the requirements, set expectations and create a project plan.

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The next step is to create paper prototypes and create interactive prototypes that the stakeholders and validate before moving forward. Over the years, we’ve tried and tested numerous tools for wireframes, mockups and the most time effective has been using paper wireframes so you know what we are building even before we write a single line of code.

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Our development cycle starts once you have approved our designs. We plan the tasks for each week in advance and give you a demo of the results each week. Throughout the development process, we’ll always have a live link available that you can preview or showcase to investors, stakeholders or potential customers at any point during the development process.

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Test and release

After the completion of a module or a “testable” amount of functionality is complete, the testing team kicks in and does anything they can to break the application and suggests possible resolutions for each bug. Each bug is raised to the development team and fixes are done. Usually, the process ends here, but from our experience, we have learnt that for launching a successful product, the next step is the most important.



Just like any other part of your business, application development needs constant revisions and improvements to always stay ahead of the competition. Once a part of or the entire application has been deployed, there is a need to collect user feedback and keep improving the application, whether they are minor tweaks or new feature requests.

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