Do you remember a time when half the world was worried that artificial intelligence will take over the world and rule humankind? Now, from software development to business intelligence, AI is everywhere you look!

While most of the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) that we see in movies like Terminator and I Robot are still a distant reality, AI has evolved to a truly commendable level now.

In fact, with the right AI implementation, you can now say goodbye to menial business tasks and focus on the more important aspects of growing your business holistically.

AI productivity tools are here to stay, so you might as well be an early bird and get on the list of companies using artificial intelligence to augment their business.

There are numerous AI tools in the market, supported by big data and machine learning, that can help you cut down on your operational costs, improve the overall productivity of your employees and your business, and also increase the satisfaction of all your stakeholders.

In this blog, we will take a moment to understand the relevance of AI tools and machine learning in business processes and also explore some of the different Artificial Intelligence tools that can help you streamline your business processes and improve your overall business productivity.

So, if you’re wondering, “How can I use AI in my business?”, read on!

Best AI Tools for Your Business Productivity

Whether you are interested in improving your customer satisfaction, or you want to get more insights about marketing your apps or products to the right audience, AI has got your back. Or maybe you are more interested in enhancing your employee experience or your brand awareness.

Not to worry, AI-powered Human Resources (HR) tools and social media tools have also wormed their way into the business space!

We have put together a carefully curated list of the best AI apps in the industry whose capabilities you can channel to improve your business in every way.

Make better business decisions and improve productivity with these Artificial Intelligence tools designed for data analysis, communication, business organization, and more:

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1. Grammarly

Clear and concise communication is an integral part of any business, and AI generates content that can help you improve your internal communication by leaps and bounds.

Grammarly is a digital writing assistant that is a writer’s best friend in the digital age. It is an extremely useful AI-powered communication tool that will benefit your content team tremendously. Grammarly helps you write well-structured content that is free of plagiarism and grammar errors.

In fact, it is not only your content creation team that stands to benefit with Grammarly. You can use this tool to improve the overall communication of your team members and maintain uniformity in your brand’s content.

2. Zendesk

Zendesk is a customer service software that your sales team will thank you for!

This AI-powered tool offers the features and capabilities that your team will need to gather customer data and organise it efficiently. It also helps you analyse the collected data to personalise your customer experiences and route your raised tickets more effectively.

You can integrate Zendesk with other business applications to sync your captured data across multiple platforms.


Here is another AI tool your sales team will appreciate for sure! is a virtual sales assistant that will help your business interact with customers better. As analyses customer interactions with your business to help you identify and resolve red flags in real time, you can shorten the length of your sales cycles considerably.

Your sales team will be able to utilise their full potential and increase your sales profits by closing more deals if they use the features has to offer.

4. Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce is famous in the business industry as the first CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software in the world and has helped a wide portfolio of businesses with its services.

The Salesforce Einstein is a virtual CRM assistant that will help you automate your CRM workflows and also optimize your customer chats.

5. Tamr

We live in a time and age where data makes the world go round!

If you are an entrepreneur with foresight, you will know the importance of data analysis in driving your business. This means you will know that a data unification platform like Tamr can do wonders for your business growth.

Tamr helps you organize data in a secure access point by integrating multiple platforms together.

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6. Zoho Zia

With the aid of AI-powered data analysis tools, you can collect, sort, unify and analyse large amounts of data from a single touch point. But that’s not all!

Virtual personal assistants like Zoho Zia, developed by Zoho, help you automate data gathering and analysis. Zoho Zia helps you improve your overall customer experience by giving you predictive recommendations based on customer behaviour and trends.

7. Quill

Data management and analysis give you the vital information that you require to optimise the customer experience your business offers and also helps you streamline your internal business processes.

Quill is a reporting platform which helps you utilize natural language processing (NLP)to curate detailed data reports for real time insights.

8. TimeHero

Time and tide waits for no man and certainly no business. Every second you spend on unwanted tasks instead of focusing on improving your business is a wasted opportunity. And, as a normal human being, you will likely waste quite a lot of time on a daily basis.

Enter TimeHero to the rescue!

TimeHero is a task management software that will help you save valuable time. It will help you spend less time on unnecessary tasks and concentrate that time on tasks designed to grow your business. It does this by helping you prioritize and manage your tasks efficiently with automated scheduling tools.

9. Timely App

If you’re having trouble managing your time as a busy entrepreneur, you can check out our time management tips to boost productivity!

Alternately, the Timely app is yet another time management and tracking software that helps you automate and streamline your internal business processes.

Using Timely, you will be able to improve business organisation by automating time tracking and generating balanced timesheets. The software can also analyse your schedule and give you personalised suggestions to manage your time better.


10. Zenefits

Another aspect where you can integrate AI into your business is HR. Human resource management software like Zenefits can help you monitor and manage your employees and their daily work schedules easily from a centralised dashboard.

With Zenefits, you can do more than automating payroll and keeping track of leave balances. In addition to managing the HR events of your organisation, Zenefits lets you generate detailed automated business intelligence reports to help you streamline your employee management.

11. Intraspexion

Data privacy is something that needs to be taken seriously in this data-driven world. This is because if your business data and that of your consumers is open to cyber security threats, your business won’t be sustainable.

Intraspexion is a litigation-warning system which helps you scan written content for litigation threats. The software can run uninterrupted in the background and notify you when it detects an anomaly.

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12. Crowdstrike

Security risks need not be the bane of your existence anymore!

You can utilise security tools such as Crowdstrike to detect and mitigate security threats to your business in real-time, thus saving you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Why Should You Use AI and ML in Business?

AI is the Future of Business Intelligence

Research shows that the usage of AI tools for small businesses and large enterprises has grown exponentially over the last half decade. This is because the technology used in AI productivity apps have multifold benefits.

Take a look at how AI powered tools can change the face of your business by increasing your overall business productivity:

    • Utilise Predictive Sales for Better Bottom Lines.
    • Use Data Analysis and Insights for Better Decisions.
    • Taking Customer Service to the Next Level.
    • Improved Customer and Employee Satisfaction.
    • Automate Your Business Calls for Better Efficiency.
    • Manage Your Business Operations in Real Time.

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The long and short of it is that Artificial Intelligence is the future of business efficiency, whichever way you choose to look at it. And there is no such thing as small businesses or enterprises when it comes to AI! Businesses large and small can harness the power of AI-driven software to become bigger and better!

If you manage to invest with the right AI software provider and adopt the right AI-based tools for your business requirements, you will stand to reap the plethora of advantages that go hand in hand with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

AI apps and software have a lot to offer to your business. Do you need more brand awareness, or maybe you want to increase stakeholder satisfaction? Or perhaps your only goal is to run your business processes in real time and see an upward spike in your sales graphs!

In fact, the potential of AI tools is only as limited as your imagination, so make sure that your business makes the most of it for improved productivity.

Now read how you can leverage AI for your business success!

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What are the best AI tools for boosting business productivity?

Some top AI tools include chatbots for customer service, AI-powered analytics, and virtual assistants.

How can AI-powered analytics enhance business productivity?

AI analytics offer insights into customer behavior, market trends, and performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.

How do chatbots improve customer service and productivity?

Chatbots provide instant customer support, handle routine queries, and free up human resources for more complex tasks.

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