The experience you give when someone lands on your website is crucial in determining the success of your product or service. This is why you need to embrace the best practices in web development to offer a seamless experience for your users.

Web development is evolving in line with the new trends. Understanding these trends will help you stay ahead of the competition and impress your prospects at first sight.

This blog covers the 14 latest trends in web development that help your website get more traffic, decrease the bounce rate and boost conversions.

Let’s get started.

Lets dig deep and understand the future of web development.

1. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps can be used as a replacement for native web apps. It provides the same hassle-free experience as a mobile app in the website app.

As mobile users are soaring, many people access your website from their mobile devices. PWA offers an improved web app experience to mobile users.

Progressive web app implementation is adopted by many companies like Twitter, Starbucks, Uber, Flutter and more.You can use HTML, Javascript and React for developing progressive web apps. PWA also can work offline.

In 2022, adopting progressive web apps will be a great advantage for all web app companies.


      • No need for device storage
      • Improved user experience
      • Auto updation of web apps
      • Reduced development cost
      • Less data usage
      • Offline access

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2. Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP was first introduced by Google in collaboration with Twitter. Optimising your page with AMP takes very little time to load and provides a better user experience. AMP has a well optimised simple design pages with essential features.

AMP optimised websites are beneficial to small businesses as they have lower development costs and provide only essential features. AMP plugins also cut the cost of UX design and attract customers who have low internet speed.


      • Shorter loading time
      • Decreased bounce rate
      • Compatible with different browsers
      • More mobile-friendliness
      • Reduced data consumption
      • There is no need for a sitemap
      • Enhanced SEO
      • Supports Ads and Analytics

3. AI Chatbots

AI chatbots are one of the popular web development trends in 2022.

A chatbot is a computer program built to interact with humans over the internet. Chatbots act as automated virtual assistants that reply to text messages. It uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to understand the queries.

AI chatbots are becoming more intelligent, and we may find it challenging to differentiate AI chatbot responses from natural person responses.


      • You can provide customer service 24*7
      • Instant response
      • Multi-lingual customer service opportunity
      • Reduce cost on customer service
      • Easy data collection
      • Provides a smooth customer journey
      • Improved target marketing

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4. Single Page Application

Single page application is one of the important trends in web development. Users always expect to have a faster experience, and they don’t often like to load their pages repeatedly.

SPA speeds up page loading time and automatically keeps your users updated.
Good examples of SPA are Google, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub and more.

SPA is now widely adopted by many websites or web products to provide a better UX experience to users. Javascript based frameworks like Angular are used to build Single page applications.


      • Loads pages faster
      • Consumes low data
      • Flawless user experience
      • Easy implementation and debugging
      • Cost-effective development
      • Consumes less space on servers
      • Provides offline support

5. Dark Mode

Even though the dark mode has been in use for some years, it has gained popularity recently. According to a survey,95% of people admitted switching to dark mode whenever possible.

When we enable dark mode on websites, mainly the background becomes dark, and the content will appear in light colours.

Nowadays, many apps and web services allow switching from light to dark mode. Many early adopters of dark mode are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Apple and more.


      • More customer engagement
      • Reduces glare, and eyestrain
      • Dark mode pages consume less battery
      • It seems more beneficial for people with visual impairment
      • Minimises blue light emission

6. Voice Search Optimisation

One of the critical web technological trends that can’t be ignored is optimising your web page for voice search.

According to a Statista report, by 2025, the global smart speaker market will reach above 35 million US dollars. Another study by Jupiter research says 55% of the home appliances will have their own voice assistant.

The above data only implies people like to do more voice research. Adding AI to voice research, this trend is only going to improve.

Devices like Alexa, Google Home and Apple Homepod have already been popular.

While optimising your web application, ensure that you add questions that people are most likey to ask.


      • Drive good traffic to websites
      • Enhanced results in local SEO
      • Faster response for customer queries
      • We can use voice search multilingual and reach more customers
      • Improves hands-free experience for users

7. Internet of Things

Internet of things will be the future web development. Millions of devices already employ IoT.

So the internet of things is basically converting the non-internet connected device to an internet-connected device.

For example, you change a regular LCD TV into a Smart TV by using Amazon Alexa or Google Nest. By connecting more devices, we can quickly transfer data. According to Statista, 75 billion devices will be connected by IoT by 2025.


      • Increased business opportunities
      • Mobility and agility
      • Supports good security technologies
      • Increases productivity by eliminating the repetitive tasks

8. Motion UI

Motion UI helps make your website more responsive and interactive. You can add motion UI at any place on the web page to give a unique experience to users.

Adding motion UI involves integrating animation and adding CSS transition from SASS libraries with a lot of animated elements.


      • Enhanced user experience
      • Less time to develop
      • It makes the website more conversational
      • Improves web ranking

9. Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture is a growing trend in web development technologies.

You don’t need a server to deploy your website in a serverless architecture. You can use third-party web or cloud services to deploy. No management or upgrading of the server is required.

Some examples of websites using serverless architecture are Amazon Netflix, and the companies providing the cloud service are Amazon web service, Microsoft, Google Cloud, IBM and more.


      • Hassle-free inclusion of new features
      • Faster deployment
      • Decreases latency as the code can run closer to the user side
      • Reduces architecture cost

10. Mobile-friendly Web Development

According to the GSMA intelligence, there are about 5.31 billion mobile phone users globally and its increasing. So, making your website mobile friendly is no longer an option, but a necessity.

The lion’s share of e-commerce shopping happens through mobile. So ensure that you have a website optimised for mobile screens.


      • It makes you rank better on search engines
      • Better experience across devices
      • Boosts mobile conversion rate
      • Good download speed
      • No need for a separate mobile app

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11. Webassembly

Webassembly is used in websites to improve the performance and speed of the web page. Webassembly can run along with the javascript. Webassembly is written in a high-level programming language with binary codes and implemented along with javascript.


      • Better performance of the website
      • Easy debugging
      • Enhanced security
      • Multiple programming language support
      • Universal compatibility to web browsers

12. Enhanced Cyber Security

Cybercrimes are increasing along with technological improvement. There is a 300% increase in the cybersecurity rates in the USA.

The numbers are growing day by day, and no matter the size of the website or firm, data and cybersecurity are real important.

Websites should be more cautious about security from day one onwards.

Some steps to increase the security of your website or web application:

      • Implement multi-factor authentication
      • Keep your software up to date
      • Try to back up your data at regular intervals
      • Tighten the network security
      • Frequently scan your website for vulnerabilities

Again, data security is not an option or choice. Protecting your website and customers’ privacy from cyber threats is essential.

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13. API First Development

New technologies emerge day by day, and the need to connect with the technology also increases. In API first development, you can easily connect with the latest technologies.

Developers used to develop connections with the product and the device at last. Their primary focus would be product development.

You can first establish the connection between the device and the product by developing the API. Using API, first developers can create the code parallelly while the users access the website.


      • Products reach the market in less time
      • Reduces development costs
      • Reduced risk of failure
      • Improved developer experience

14. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology implementation in web development is the future of the web development.

In recent times bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are linked with blockchain technologies. When we take a deeper look into blockchain technology, we can see many benefits for website development.

Blockchain technology allows the participants to make transactions without the involvement of a third party. Blockchain technology can reduce cyber risks.

NASA implemented blockchain technology in their services to improve their cybersecurity. Due to the high cyber security features, blockchain technology is used by many banks services.

Visa, Walmart are some of the early users of blockchain technology. Also, blockchain technology will be expanded to other industries in the coming years.


      • Blockchain technology is based on algorithms that make it impossible to breach.
      • Reduces the cost of development.
      • Improved the website performance.
      • It lets you eliminate third-party services.
      • Supports faster transactions between the participants.


Web development trends will grow according to the need of online users. Many new technologies are now focused on improving the user experience and security.

It’s all about giving a memorable and hassle-free experience for your users. In return, they will be a loyal follower of your brand or product.

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