PropertyOK is a trademark registered real estate company launched in 2014. They started off with an offline business model. In 2017, the stakeholders approached Neoito hoping to take full advantage of the Digital ecosystem.


The PropertyOK team was unable to generate leads through the existing website. It had only limited features. One of the main challenges was migrating the existing database from the old website including URL redirections. Another challenge was shifting to the new website without drop in SEO rankings.
propertyOk web and mobile app


Our team at Neoito developed a mobile responsive website. A unique feature"Click to call" was built which allowed buyers and sellers to communicate without revealing their contact details. This feature later became their USP. The team built an algorithm which could assign properties to the corresponding agents in the area. We were able to migrate the existing database from the old website successfully. SEO rankings improved and the site saw an increase of 500% in hits. Conversions rates increased by 40%.
mobile responsive website
Adil Haneef

Adil Haneef

Founder, PropertyOK.com

The quality of work, communication and attention to detail provided to our company by the team at Neoito was priceless. Their attention to detail and genuine interest in seeing us succeed were critical factors in helping us to create and foster a caring, dedicated business relationship that promises to yield more opportunities for collaboration in the future.

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