National Taxi Service (NTS) has been innovating the taxi fleet service since the 1980s. They are innovators in the fleet industry with multiple products serving different purposes. One among them is RideYellow, an innovative ride app that partners with local taxi fleets across 11 states in the US to provide a safe and reliable way to connect people with rides with a tap of a button.


RideYellow processes loads of user data every single day. The backend of their current system was running from their own data centre and used a self-hosted service which meant that future scalability and cost-effectiveness was an issue. They needed a reliable and trustworthy team to help them solve these issues without any hiccups. This is where we came in. Brady Johnson the CTO of NTS approached us to help them deal with the challenge of shifting their backend architecture to a cloud service in a cost-effective manner.
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We assigned some of our highly talented backend and serverless experts to help RideYellow to migrate their legacy application. We were successfully able to move their legacy architecture to cloud architecture using AWS. This resulted in RideYellow having a scalable system in place with a 25% boost in performance and a reduction in overall costs by 33%.
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