One of the co founders of Daily AI, Spencer, who is a serial entrepreneur and a mentor at the Boom Town Accelerator, noticed a lack of innovation in current mortgage CRMs. He came up with the idea for a CRM specifically aimed at lenders that would disrupt the existing market. The Daily AI CRM is powered by artificial intelligence and computer learning to help lender keep track of their clients and help them in efficiently conducting follow ups, closing loans, etc, by minimising the need for manual updates.


Spencer approached us to transform his idea into an enterprise ready product. Daily AI is a CRM that focuses solely on lenders. Keeping that in mind, one of the challenges was to build an easy to use interface for lenders so that they could easily understand and navigate through the system. Since the system needed to handle huge amounts of data, we had to build a highly capable serverless architecture.
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Since the platform was aimed at lenders, our UI/UX team took the time to understand the user base and designed a system that is easy to understand and navigate. While this was happening our Backend experts were working their magic by building a highly scalable serverless architecture using Firebase, Cloud run and Cloud function capable of handling thousands of users simultaneously. The CRM also has state of the art drip campaigns and a humanoid driven AI chatbot - Rue, to help lenders with follow-ups. All of this combined to make Daily AI the best CRM system available for lenders.
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